Hi there — I’m a yoga teacher as well as a mom, writer, friend, sister, daughter and all around human.

NOTICE: I’m a human first, so please understand that this blog is where I let myself be human. I go here to learn about myself and to discover the countless silver linings in all I experience, including my yoga classes (where I learn too). Some silver linings are more evident than others. If I can detach and be a yoga teacher and a human writer and process my life and how I’m feeling, I need you to detach and allow it. We all posses many facets which reflect our appreciations of the world around us.

If you’ve taken a class from me, please offer a testimonial in the comments below! 

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All the photos above were taken during February 2016 while I was on the ice of Lake Erie in Buffalo, NY, the city of my childhood. 

I’ve taught since 2007, but I’ve been a yoga lover and student since 1999 after my oldest son was one year old.
I teach classes based on a commitment from you. This commitment is referred to as a “session.” You can learn more about a session’s structure at the other pages under “Yoga.” The point is simple: your investment is in yourself, your health, your time and your commitment to your own self-awareness and improvement. Other teachers elsewhere offer “punch cards” which can be used whenever you want, with no expiration. I don’t operate like that. I don’t keep attendance, that’s on you. If you buy a session and don’t show up, that’s on you. I show up each time on time for the entire time. My classes aren’t insanely hard, but they are structured to help you grow into a better, stronger, more flexible (mentally and physically), more focused, and more mindful self.

I’m not a chanter for the public classes, but you are welcome to chant. I do chant at home.

I do spray lavender at the end of each class and throughout “savasana” which is often called the yoga sleep / yoga nap / or final relaxation pose. I spray the lavender because lots of people have trouble settling into this pose and the lavender helps us relax.

I make fun of myself frequently: mirroring the poses is hard, and I’m left-handed, so there’s that.

I do the poses with the class so I will talk about what’s going on where and how it might feel for you. I will also always ask before touching you or making an adjustment of your form. That said: I try to be as specific as possible about how to position yourself so I don’t have to align you, but if I see something that can cause you injury, I’ll be sure to help you out.

I don’t remember all the sanskrit for each pose, but I’ll find it out if you’d like.

I am huge into alignment, breath, and mindfulness and really letting go, so I hope that appeals. It’s always been my goal to “not break” anyone, and so far, so good!


me. about four years ago.

me. in 2010. i can still do this. yoga keeps you young!

downward facing dog. there's a lot going on here: shoulders squeeze together, feet press into the earth, hands support so back can extend and chest can press toward thighs. the neck just hangs.

downward facing dog. there’s a lot going on here: shoulders squeeze together, feet press into the earth, hands support so back can extend and chest can press toward thighs. the neck just hangs.

I teach privately in my home or yours. In my home I have a studio / room which is off the beaten path of my house so there will be no interruptions. Rates are $60 for 90 minutes if you come to me or $75 if I come to you. I have all the props and gear you need but you do need to bring your own mat to either arrangement.

I teach children’s yoga as well. I’ve been teaching kids since 2007 and I love it. The classes are not boring and require actually getting up and moving around. I teach children stillness and breath awareness. We play games and read a story and do poses that I incorporate from the book. It’s a blast.

I teach yoga at a children’s birthday party; who wants to have a quiet or a stillness competition? KIDS DO! It’s hilarious and so fun to watch them decide who’s going to hiss like a snake longer or stand in tree pose the longest!

I teach high school rowers how to incorporate yoga into their sweep rowing. We do lots of balance, strength, twists and breath awareness. Competition is hard enough as it is; the yoga helps them center on the water and in the classroom.

I’m blessed by yoga. It changed my life. I’m writing a book about it. I swear I am, about how yoga saved me from myself. I just have to start writing it…

I teach yoga in a way that I hope will bring you greater self-awareness and help you understand how to release tension and physical stress, not just transfer a clenched jaw to make fists or flex your calves.

I also teach yoga in a way that I hope helps you understand how to breathe with your motion: how to inhale as you open your chest, and how to exhale as you compress your chest. How to inhale as you lift your arms, and how to exhale as you bring them down. Things like that.

I also teach a restorative class at the end of each session — for many reasons: it’s one of my favorite types of yoga to teach; I know we are all stressed out and so how often do you get to really dedicate 90 minutes to release and let go; and people tell me it changes their lives: they sleep better, they feel better, they are more relaxed.

Ask me about yoga… if you want to read posts about yoga, simply type “yoga” or “missives from the mat” in the search query box.

I’m thinking about doing youtube stuff, but it’s everywhere and likely oversaturated. Got a question? I have an answer!

Namaste and all that jazz…


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