Public group classes in Burke Community Centers

  • Based on a bulk “per-session” rate to be exhausted within the session*.
  • In each session, there are 6-8 classes.
  • If you “purchase” a session (even just two is fine, I just try to have things wrap up / end by a certain date) the fee is $12/class.
  • If you drop-in, it’s $15/class.
  • If you decide to buy a balance of a session, your $15 will apply to the balance due.
  • *I will accommodate a forward balance, up to 2 missed classes, into the next session if you request it before the end of the current session.

I teach classes based on a commitment from you. This commitment is referred to as a “session.” The point is simple: your investment is in yourself, your health, your time and your commitment to your own self-awareness and improvement. Other teachers elsewhere offer “punch cards” which can be used whenever you want, with no expiration. I don’t operate like that. I don’t take attendance, that’s on you. If you buy a session and don’t show up, that’s on you. I show up each time, on time, for the entire time. My classes aren’t insanely hard, but they are structured to help you grow into a better, stronger, more flexible (mentally and physically), more focused, and more mindful self.

To learn more about where and when I teach, please click here.


Small-group private classes are slightly higher and will fluctuate on the size of the group and travel / distance. I propose, for illustration purposes:

  • Groups of 4 or more would be $14/person and the classes would be purchased in a “session”
  • Minimum 8-week “session” commitment.
  • So each person would pay $112.


Private lessons for one person

  • Start at $60 for 90 minutes for a minimum five-lesson commitment
  • Specially designed and tailored to you.
  • Fees can fluctuate based on travel.
  • I will accommodate a price break for a longer-term commitment.
  • An additional person is $15 more per lesson.


Testimonials from past and present clients can be found here.