Yoga for Kids:

In this fun-based and active class, students learn how breath affects their moods and energy.

The only way we can change our behavior is if we are
aware of our behavior.

I integrate mindfulness in all aspects of our classes by moving with the conscious breath through verbal / visual (imagination) cues, toys and games.

Classes integrate stories with yoga poses; partner work; games; and mindfulness of actions and self-awareness of behaviors and choices.


I incorporate mindfulness into all the classes, in all aspects as often as possible.


Yoga for anyone, and especially children improves

  • balance through the possessed calming the mind,
  • confidence and creativity through interpretation of poses and “follow the leader” work,
  • coordination through practicing the poses,
  • memory through demonstrating and practicing poses,
  • focus through breathing in poses,
  • flexibility physically as we warm up and practice, and mentally as we learn to do things which may not appeal to us, but we do them anyway
  • stretch as we reach for the stars and our toes,
  • strength as we hold positions maybe longer than we’d normally,
  • social confidence through supportive, friendly competition, partner work and leadership games,
  • personal awareness when we speak out of turn and are bowed to and bowing to others when they do, and
  • stress and anxiety naturally through breath-work, mindfulness and flexibility practices.

What’s required: 

  • A grippy yoga mat

Strongly encouraged: 

  • seasonal, comfortable clothes,
  • a nap blanket, and
  • your child’s small beanie-baby -type “buddy” for final relaxation “savasana” pose.

My philosophy for teaching yoga to kids is captured in this post: — similar to dog training: teaching yoga is about the children, not our expectations of them. This reminder is as much for me as it is for all parents. And trust me, children keep me on my toes, so that philosophy is always evolving!


To manage expectations:

I structure my kids classes differently than I do my adult classes. First and foremost: a session of children’s yoga is not refundable.

The children’s classes:

  • are shorter six-class sessions (to keep costs down for the parents),
  • are less expensive (because they are 30 minutes shorter), and
  • require a commitment: a full-session payment, no drop-ins beyond the half-way mark.

In children’s yoga, we disallow drop-ins because it helps create a sense of consistency, linear lesson plans, and familiarity within the group.

Yoga and kids need time to acquaint themselves.

A large portion of my fee goes to rent the space and I don’t get any of that back ever. I structure the classes to have a minimum enrollment so I am guaranteed a minimum of income to make the class worthwhile to me on a financial basis.

If you’re not certain you want to commit your child to an entire six-class session, please don’t register and don’t inquire. There is no “try,” “sample,” or “check out” of my children’s yoga classes. Often times kids who haven’t taken kids yoga classes (or at least mine) think it’s going to be boring and super quiet and no fun.

That’s not going to come out of your child’s mouth if they take a kid’s yoga class with me. We play games…

We partner up and do more together…

We learn about breath by blowing scarves …


and how our bodies respond to that deep and rapid breathing … we place our hands on our hearts and feel our lungs rise and fall. We talk about how this feels similar to nervousness, suspense (in a movie, book or amusement park ride or doing something new), how our bodies might feel tense and how do we come down from that?

We slow down our breath.


My Background, Background Checks & Insurance:

I have background checks and criminal investigation clearances by Fairfax City Police and Virginia State Police. I’m a mother of three boys; I’ve lived in Burke Centre since 2000, Northern Virginia since 1981. I’ve been married since 1994 to the same man (yay!) and we met in 1990. I’ve served on the Terra Centre Elementary School (TCES) PTA executive board and have been TCES PTA VP and President. I also served briefly on the board as president for the Robinson Crew Boosters Club, Inc., at Robinson Secondary. I left the post shortly after my mother died suddenly. It was a lot…

I’m a stable and dependable person with a strong sense of humor and gratitude for having yoga in my life; it practically saved it. I’m in the midst of writing a book about my journey.

I started teaching children’s yoga in 2007 as a volunteer at TCES. I earned my certification to teach kids in 2013 from Radiant Child Yoga where the inmitiable Shakta Khalsa, founder of Radiant Child Yoga was my teacher. I also earned my RYT (registered yoga teacher) certificate through my RCY training am thus certified to teach adults (and I teach in Burke). I’ve been taking and practicing yoga since 1999, after the birth of my first son.

I have almost 10 years’ experience successfully teaching children in four FCPS schools and two private preschools. I am currently employed as a contractor with Heart & Soul Yoga (H&SY), an award-winning children’s yoga provider. I am also employed by Fairfax City Parks and Recreation (FCP&R) to teach in two Fairfax City schools. I have NOT pursued the FCPS background clearance because my work in FCPS schools is covered by my association with the H&SY and FCP&R and because I honestly am tired of the paperwork.

I am fully insured for $1m and the Conservancy would not allow me to teach without that insurance.

Also, I have since decided that teaching at preschools and children of that age are NOT for me, I believe that those little guys need to move around as much as they can and that any determination on the part of a parent or other loving adult to get them to move in a syncopated and prompted way is akin to herding cats. It’s just silly. Let your toddler toddle.

One more thing: I’m a human first, so when it comes to this website, please know that it’s a blog which also hosts my musings and occasional revelations. Many people can identify with what I write, many people enjoy it. I hope you understand that we are all more than one-dimensional people. I mention all this to let you know I’m a reliable and normal person. You can trust me with your kids.

For more information contact me via email: or use the form below.


SESSION THREE will begin September 12; it will be 7 classes long. The tuition is $70 for all seven classes.



Ages: Elementary school (k-4) -age children only
When: Monday afternoons 4:15-5:15
Where: The Oaks Comm Ctr: 5708 Oak Leather Dr, Burke, VA 22015 / map:,-77.3180842,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xa347cc771c188b72?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjt3Kih1LnMAhXKHT4KHZGLAn8Q_BIIczAK

Fee: $10 per child per class for a 7-class session ($70 per child).
Drop-ins: please inquire with me via the comments or the contact form below.

Parental “observation” policy: Kids act differently when Mom or Dad or Nana or Papa, etc., are watching. Another unpleasant tendency is for children (whose adult hasn’t stayed to watch them) to feel envious of the kids whose parents are present and they act out. I’ve also had parents who are savvy to yoga “stage parent” their child or discuss their child’s technique in my classes on the car ride home. None of this is helpful to anyone. So, please consider carefully your need to observe your child in this class — if you have to watch your kiddo, perhaps it’s not time for your kiddo to be in my yoga classes. I’d love to have your child in class.



Please go to this link to acquire the forms required to register your child for this class.

(c) 2016 Molly Field

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