It turns out I’m better at yoga than I am at technology; I can’t figure out how to make a comment section live on this form. But I believe in making lemonade, so here are some honest-to-goodness testimonials from people I’ve taught over the years… If you’d like to email me, just use the contact form below.

Group lessons, public:

Molly is thorough, meticulous, and attentive to both the technical and emotional/spiritual aspects of each class, through very posture.  She extends this attention to each student, individually.  You feel cradled, guided and supported through all poses.  She is full of exuberant innocence and meticulous guidance through every stage of the process.  This leads to a final whole and complete class experience.  You’ve come full circle and you know you are seriously, definitely better off. Only this kind of diligence on the part of the teacher creates that kind of  experience in just one class.  That has been my experience in yoga classes with Molly.  It is so WORTH it, if you have that kind of teacher.  You may not know exactly why the whole thing was so good for you, but you know it was, and you know that you were tremendously served in a way that was far beyond the material cost of class.  For this reason, I highly recommend this teacher.

I wish I had started taking yoga with Molly years ago! I was a total newbie but she still made me feel welcome in a class with more experienced people! She explained the poses and not only HOW to do them correctly but WHAT the pose would do for me! I learned to appreciate and enjoy yoga having Molly as my instructor. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone …… New or experienced …… You will not be disappointed!

I so enjoy your practice and you’ve taught me a lot.  I love that you share a thought at the beginning and the end of each class, and the LAVENDER!

Your class and technique have been so important to my recovery. Away from class, in my car or in line at the store I hear your voice in my head, reminding me to “release the jaw” and “soften the face, can you give a little smile?” and it helps me to stay in the moment, to let go of things that trouble me. Your readings at the end of class really keep things in perspective and the music during savasana takes me deeper into relaxation. I value your teaching, and you so much.

I have taken yoga from other teachers, and Molly is by far the best teacher I have experienced.  She really cares about her students and wants everyone to benefit in their own way from yoga. She recognizes that everyone is different and therefore has different goals and reasons for taking yoga.  She is passionate about helping everyone work toward their own personal benefit with yoga.  I love that she explains the purpose/benefit of each pose, that she gives different accommodations for the poses so that all levels will benefit. Best of all, there is no pressure or judgment from her. She is mindful of others and hopes that each student will be mindful as well, and try to escape the busy world for just a moment and let yoga be the instrument of calm.

I began taking yoga with Molly over a year ago; first some private lessons and then her evening class in Burke. It has been a wonderful addition to my life. She is committed and competent while being accessible and fun. I am so grateful for the thought and care she puts into each session. She clearly considers the attendees and what we may need or want out of the practice. I recommend the class to anyone who will listen to my shpiel.
–Cara Leigh

I dropped in from out of town and attended your class with a friend. I’ve been taking yoga for more than 20 years, and I really loved your class and teaching style, how you talked about every pose, and what it was doing and where we felt it for our bodies.

I know Molly personally from high school, so I felt “safe” taking a yoga class with her.  I’ve never taken yoga before.  I was happy that her class was very “chill”, no pressure, no judgment.  She cares very much about making sure each person gets out of the class what they intended – which, of course, is different for everyone.  She’s protective of her students and doesn’t want anyone getting hurt and wants the experience to be calming and rejuvenating.  She’s awesome!

Great classes.  Left feeling rejuvenated.  Molly provides a very thorough class with great personalized instruction. She offers alternatives for every pose to give the beginner, to the expert a great experience. Highly recommend her classes!

I slept much better.  I slept five hours before waking up [after just one restorative class].  That’s a huge difference.  I’ve been waking up every two hours.


Private lessons:

A year ago or so Molly came to our house weekly to teach my husband and I yoga. My husband in particular has issues with stretching and flexibility. Molly taught us the basic philosophy behind yoga as well as teaching us the poses. She is passionate about yoga and it comes though in her teachings.



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